Monday, April 7, 2014

Goss Avenue Beautification

You've probably heard about the Goss Avenue Beautification Project over the last few months, whether by reading Mike Morris' proclamation in the SACC newsletter or hearing mention of its progress during an SACC general meeting.  Regardless, you probably have a few questions, such as what exactly the entire project entails.  We hope we can clarify any questions you may have and give you enough information to approach us with any questions, concerns or support you may have.  

Goss Avenue is one of the busiest streets that comprises Schnitzelburg (it is Schnitzelburg's boundary to the northeast) and has many bustling businesses and restaurants that are heavily patronized.  Businesses include a major grocery chain, a doggy daycare, two restaurants, two pubs, two convenient stores, two beauty parlors, a tool repair shop, a plumber, a mechanic, a lawyer, and many more locally owned enterprises.  It is our hope that the beautification will lead to creating a "Main Street" for Germantown and Schnitzelburg that will benefit both current businesses, future businesses, residents, and visitors to the area.    

Early last year, with the help of Jim King, the SACC obtained a comprehensive plan and drawings that would kickstart the project from UK graduates.  These drawings would serve as inspiration, rather than a blueprint. 

The following renderings are merely representations of what Goss Avenue COULD look like, NOT what it WILL look like.  The renderings, as well as the plan that supports them, are guides for constructing what we want to do with Goss Avenue and serve as inspiration to how we will improve the aesthetics, mobility, and functionality of Goss Avenue. 

Welcome sign at Eastern Parkway (We're aware this is not the correct boundary for Schnitzelburg. Our lovely neighborhood goes all the way to Clarks Lane!)

Planters with greenery and public art on the corner of Goss and Texas.

More greenery, a small mural, and fixed signage added to Mo's Food Mart.

New lighting, trash cans, and planters at Hauck's.  Proposed pervious pavers to improve walkability for pedestrians.

Looking Northwest on Goss: More trees, new lighting, and defined parking spaces.

Streetscape of Goss Avenue with a new row of trees and freshly painted pavement.

Since Goss Avenue is a street that brings together both Schnitzelburg and German-Paristown, it was agreed that both the SACC and GPNA form a joint committee to work on the progress of this project.  Thus the Goss Avenue Beautification Advisory Committee was formed.  This committee consists of the following members:
  • Steve Magre, GPNA Treasurer
  • Mike Morris, SACC President
  • Jennifer Chappell
  • Jeff Cross
  • Bruce Ewing
  • Alex Frommeyer
  • Mary Hardesty
  • Jordan Mitchell
  • Tomy Baker Molloy
  • Marjie Ryan
Like any project on a scale this massive (and being undertaken by volunteers), change will happen very gradually and through small improvements.  

Currently, the committee has met to discuss ideas and desires, as well as compose a list of priority items for the project. These priority items meet the goals of improving infrastructure and walkability, as well as endorse the idea of enhancing green space.  They include: adding new street lights, updating and adding trash cans, landscaping, adding trees to easements and possibly bump-outs, refreshing street markings and adding defined parallel parking spaces, adding crosswalks at intersections, and looking into traffic calming.

Individual projects by board members are already underway and you will start to see changes happening along Goss Avenue soon, such as a "green" art installation, a mural and beautification project at the intersection of Goss and Logan (more on this to come), landscaping on the hill at Krieger and Goss, and a remodel of the building at Goss and Texas that we mentioned in a previous post.

As well as meeting to undertake the beautification project, the Goss Avenue Advisory Committee also reviews rezoning cases that affect the area, such as the rezoning of Eiderdown, the VFW Post, and the Germantown Mill Lofts project.  The committee drafts statements for the record that reflect the sentiments of both SACC and GPNA.
We are very exited about this project and we hope you share in this same excitement.  We welcome any and all feedback from the community as we move forward with this project.  In coming months, anticipate a community forum on the Goss Avenue Beautification Project that will allow residents to join the conversation.

In the meantime, you can always contact the SACC by filling out the comment form on the right side of this page, or emailing us at

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sharrows come to Schnitzelburg

What's a sharrow? And when are they coming?

Well, they actually already arrived. On Tuesday afternoon, you may have seen Louisville metro workers running around with stencils and paint, and by the next day, many of our major internal corridors were marked with a mystifying symbol. Old Louisville got them weeks ago, and elsewhere in town you probably see them popping up as well.
No, this isn't a boost pad for bicyclists, although if you play enough racing videogames you could be forgiven for thinking so (I'm always disappointed when I ride over one and don't get a burst of speed). Rather, it's a lane marking which is used as an alternative on medium-traffic roads to having bike lanes; on a road with less than 36 feet of travel width (which includes Hickory, Texas, and upper Shelby), there's not actually room to squeeze in full-size bike lanes, so sharrows are a way of accommodating bicyclists without using up limited space for cars.

So they have something to do with bikes. I figured that out from the symbol. But what do they do?

Surprisingly, they do absolutely nothing! They just remind people of something that's already true. KRS Chapter 189 identifies bicycles as vehicles, to which all sections of the vehicle code apply. KRS 189.300 specifically requires that vehicles stay as far right in travel lanes as roads as is practical. This means that bikes should be in the right-center of the travel lane, and the sharrows are an indication of the suggested position.

Right-center? Don't you mean far right?

Nope. People suddenly opening car doors are a hazard to bicyclists (and to motorists, at that), so it's a lot safer for bicyclists to ride several feet out from the parking lane.

So what do I actually need to do in response to these sharrow things?

If you're a motorist, respect bicyclists on the road and understand their right to ride out a bit closer to the middle than you might expect. The city's specifically telling them to ride there, after all. On most of the sharrow-marked roads, it is legal to overtake bikers if you can do so safely (i.e. no oncoming traffic). Relax, take it easy, and realize that you lose almost no time going 15mph for a block or two. You're probably already doing that, so hopefully this won't affect you much at all.
If you're a bicyclist, make sure to position your bike on the right road location—a good ways out from the parked car lanes, riding with the flow of traffic, and definitely not on the sidewalk! Riding on the sidewalk is not only illegal, but is also very dangerous, not only to pedestrians, but also to the bicyclist. Ride boldly down that row of chevrons, secure in the knowledge that you are, in fact, where you're supposed to be.

Friday, April 4, 2014

April Newsletter

The SACC April newsletter is here!!  In this issue you hear from the SACC Housing Committee, learn Metro parking do's and don'ts, get information on upcoming events such as the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt and the Community Clean-up Happy Hour, and so much more!

Don't forget - you can access current and past newsletters by clicking on the "Newsletters" tab at the top of the page!

See ya around The 'Burg!

Friday, March 14, 2014

SACC Scholarship

Planting seeds to grow young minds and grow our neighborhood just makes sense!

In 2013, the Board of Directors of the SACC launched an annual program to award a scholarship to a local, graduating high school senior.

The SACC hopes this scholarship will:

  • Show our neighborhood residents how much we value education;
  • Be an investment in the educational aspirations of our students;
  • Be an investment in our community to encourage community service;
  • Help open the door of opportunity for the young people of Schnitzelburg.

The SACC welcomes your support of this project!  

Last year, the SACC had two raffles to kick off fundraising for the project.  During our general meetings, the public was able to enter a raffle to win a set of fleur de lis bookends or a 95-gallon residential recycling cart that was donated by Councilman Jim King.  Winners were announced at our "Annual" general meeting in November.  We were able to put money in the bank, but we still need more funding to make this scholarship happen!  If we are able to raise enough funds, the first scholarship will be awarded during the 2014-2015 school year (either at our general meeting or some time in the fall).

The inspiration to begin this scholarship came from the diverse and advanced educational backgrounds of the SACC board members.  A survey of the board about their post-secondary education revealed the following:
  • 2 Associate Degrees
  • 10 Bachelor Degrees: Business Administration, Geography, Sociology, Real Estate, English, Elementary Education, French, Applied Health, Pre-Law, Political Science
  • 3 Masters Degrees: French, Education, Mechanical Engineering
  • 1 Juris Doctor
  • 2 PhD: Adult Education, Mathematics

Pretty impressive, huh?

The scholarship recipient will receive a $500 scholarship from the SACC to be used for post-secondary education tuition (college, university, or trade school).  The scholarship will be awarded to a well-rounded student who can demonstrate a history of success in academics and involvement in extracurricular activities, while providing positive examples of leadership and service, with an emphasis in service to the Schnitzelburg community.

The Scholarship Selection Committee is working out the details, but the application will include a brief written essay and will ask for letters of recommendation.  Stay tuned for information on how to apply for the scholarship (it will be announced via Facebook, our blog, and the monthly newsletter).  After all the scholarships have been received, the Scholarship Selection Committee will meet to consider all applications and to review the candidates.  After making the selection, the scholarship recipient will be notified and recognized by the community.  The SACC will make payment of the scholarship directly to the post-secondary school as indicated by the recipient.  

As awareness of the SACC scholarship grows, the amount awarded could be increased.  It is our hope to also grant scholarships in smaller amounts to offer young students to join extracurricular programs that emphasize education, such as summer camps and art and music programs.

We hope you'll agree that this is a worthy community endeavor and we invite you to make a contribution!  Any amount, small or large, you choose to donate will help enrich our community through the investment of our future leaders.

You can donate using PayPal:

Click on the button on the right side of the blog to make a secure donation. 
Or you can send payment via check to:

SACC Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 17306
Louisville, Kentucky 40217

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot us an email:

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Cure Grand Opening

Last night, The Cure Lounge hosted another soft opening before it's grand opening tonight, so we stopped in to check out the new Schnitzelburg business.  After picking up our jaw off the floor, we can report that The Cure is a very pleasant surprise!

Lots of red, black and white geometric patterns, vintage light fixtures and chandeliers, and exposed brick.  Goodbye pool tables, hello leather couches and mod furniture and a space for dancing.

It's amazing to see the extraordinary transformation that has happened to the space in just under a month, but there's more to be done, aside from the complete renovation of the back venue, according to owner Alison Freels.  (Something to anticipate: a "history hallway" of the building's past that leads to the currently untouched outdoor space.)

The menu is also still under development, although it's extensive enough to satisfy whatever you're craving (menu below), from beer cheese to s'mores sticks.  Most of the offerings are "sticks." The idea is that they are simple to eat and not very messy - perfect for a late night bite or a finicky eater.

Drink and food prices are very reasonable.  Freels wants to have dive bar prices, but upgrade the dive bar aesthetic.  Mission accomplished.

The workforce is just as you would expect from a Monkey Wrench transplant whose husband owns Riot Skatepark - hip, young, good looking.  But don't mistake them for slackers - the service at the bar was very quick and the servers attending the booths were very attentive.

It's a great addition to the neighborhood and unlike anything else Schnitzelburg has to offer.

Join The Cure Lounge for their GRAND OPENING tonight!
1481 South Shelby Street
Doors open at 5 pm

The exterior.

Front bar.

The pepperoni sticks with marinara sauce and a frosty beer.

Deejay Dr. Dundiff
The exterior sign that will be hung today.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Newletter

Hello March, hello hopes of warmer weather, and hello March SACC newsletter!

Click here to to access the March newsletter or click the newsletter tab (^) for it, as well as past newsletters!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Facade Loan Granted for Texas & Goss

You may have caught wind of a major change coming at the corner of Goss and Texas Avenues if you get the Daily Insider from Insider Louisville, but in case you missed it, here is the official press release from METCO:
LOUISVILLE, KY (February 28, 2014) – Texas and Goss, LLC received approval for a façade loan in the amount of $50,000 from the Louisville Metropolitan Business Development Corporation. This loan will assist the property owners, Alex Frommeyer and Shane Uttich, to replace siding and block with Dryvit, replace some windows, install awnings and make other minor repairs. The total investment is expected to be $78,280.The Façade Loan is available to commercial property owners to revitalize neighborhood commercial corridors in Louisville, and often has the domino effect of nearby property owners also investing in improvements in their physical structures.For more information about the city’s small-business loan program,visit

The building houses Miss Kay's Hair Salon, which will be staying throughout the renovations.  BEAM Technologies, a local tech startup, recently moved into the second level of the building.

The building at the corner of Goss & Texas to be made-over.